John Ross
Founder & Medical Director,
PRAXES Medical Group

Dr. John Ross is an Emergency Physician and Professor of Emergency Medicine at Dalhousie University, Halifax Nova Scotia Canada for 30 years. He is a founder and medical director of PRAXES Medical Group - a 23-year-old telemedicine company that provides medical support to people working and adventuring in remote places around the world - places where there are no healthcare systems. Supported by a strong IT system and recommended medical kits, immediate access to 20 select telemedicine experienced doctors 24/7 across Canada enables workers to remain productive on site or receive emergency care and medevac when necessary.

Since February 2020 we have been advising a wide-range of companies, with zero-tolerance for CoVID-19 (remote camps, ships, time-critical productions), with strategies to modify practices, screen workers (including CoVID PCR testing) and support management. We have continuously collaborated and shared learnings with the NS Public Health medical officers and provincial laboratory experts. We continue to learn every day.